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App Store keyword research must be a priority in a solid ASO strategy. You can reach more organic traffic if you use the most effective keywords to beat competitors’ success formulas. Our ASO keyword research tools are a set of options to fuel up your app’s visibility score.
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Find keywords for your apps

Keyword research always starts from master list development that includes all short- and long-tail keywords that are relevant to your product. Don’t worry about gathering too many keywords as that’s the sake of the very first stage of your research. Using our app keyword research tool, you will skip surfing the web and do manual keyword filtering. Just imagine how much time it can take if you do it manually. Leave this daunting task to the tireless algorithms.

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Research your competitor's keywords

Competitor keyword analysis can provide you with a better understanding of how your app’s category is working. With Asolytics, you can view competitors’ keyword performance reports in a clean dashboard. That’s not all, though. The table will also clarify which keywords might work out to make your app rank more competitively in the niche. You can compare your current ASO keyword performance with several competitors’ apps simultaneously, which is exceptionally useful when you are fighting specific titles to break their records.

How to Do Keyword Research for ASO With Asolytics?
Asolytics is an online analytical toolkit that makes it easy to select, measure, and compare keywords related to your app’s niche. Due to the real-time data transfer from the App Store, our platform lets you create an initial semantic core for your app store optimization strategy.
Collaboration check icon Track your category and competitors' apps keywords
Collaboration check icon Analyze these keywords' performance with metrics
Collaboration check icon Select or update the most effective keywords for your app
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1. Analyze
Evaluate your app performance with key metrics; see your ranking and rating
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2. Optimize
Use real-time data to select and include effective keywords in your app listings
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3. Sit back and enjoy
Watch how your app becomes more popular and generates more revenue from downloads
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Check keyword search volume

Given that each keyword you have is a potential and most probably actual search term, you need to know the search volume for your entire app store keywords list. The higher the keyword search volume score, the more users use it to search for the apps in the niche. You need to rank for both short- and long-tail keywords with the highest scores to expand your app’s search presence organically. With the Asolytics keyword research app, you will immediately receive keyword search volume insights.

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Build your semantic core

Typically, a semantic core includes around 50% of long-tail keywords and 50% are short-tail ones. Such a proportion is standard and tolerates slight fluctuations depending on the specifics of your niche keyword analysis. You need to integrate your semantic core into your app’s title, subtitle/short description, keyword set (Apple only), and the main description. But how do you know that your efforts work out? You can use Asolytics keyword tracking app tools to monitor your semantic core performance up until the time comes for a new ASO iteration to keep up with the dynamically changing user demand.

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