Keyword Tracking & Monitoring

Asolytics unites multiple keyword tracking dashboards to provide you with a clear view of your app performance. With Asolytics, you can escape manual tracking and time-taking recording into those outdated spreadsheets. Accurate monitoring tools give data that are displayed in illustrative dashboards and graphs to help you make conclusions and ASO decisions at a competitive pace.
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Track keyword rankings

App store keyword ranking is dynamic, so it’s necessary to track and monitor rankings for all the keywords you are using. If you do it regularly, you will timely notice all the positive and negative trends for each specific keyword and quickly find a replacement for the losing keywords. Using Asolytics app ranking tracker, you can obtain a full real-time picture of what’s going on in your keyword niche, compare your app’s performance with competitors’ apps, and review the history of keyword score fluctuations over the last week, month, or year.

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Organic installs per keyword

Statistics say that most app downloads (around 65%) are search-driven with over a half of these downloads coming from searches that use generic keywords (around 39%). Figure out how many downloads your app is getting from both branded and generic keywords. You can quickly receive a comprehensive answer using the unique keyword monitoring tool. Asolytics will show how many organic installs each of your keywords brings and if there’s a need to reconsider them. You can view such parameters as daily organic installs from keywords, the number of installs by rank, and the number of installs by volume on a specific date or within a custom timeframe.

How to Do Keyword Tracking & Monitoring for ASO With Asolytics?
Asolytics is designed to make monitoring app ranking simple yet insightful. Our app keyword ranking checker includes automated dashboards for instant analysis of keyword performance.
Collaboration check icon Evaluate keywords performance with accurate metrics in real-time
Collaboration check icon Reveal how many of your app’s organic installs depend on keywords
Collaboration check icon Select the keywords that perform the best and add them to app store listings
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1. Track and monitor
Analyze keywords due to the accurate data
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2. Update information
Check the keywords performance in real-time regularly
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3. Enjoy the result
See how effective keywords boost your app in the store
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App keyword ranking volume

You might find it useful to track and monitor app keyword ranking by volume. This point of view will reveal how your app downloads depend on each keyword volume as well as on the overall keyword volume. Finally, don’t forget to spy on your competitors as that’s what they are doing right now! Use Asolytics to monitor downloads generated by your competitors’ top-ranking keywords and withdraw the ones that have the potential to fuel up your ASO strategy.

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Tracking overall app rating

The overall app rating is calculated based on the combination of parameters tracked by Asolytics monitoring systems. Consider the overall rating growth a super goal that’s achievable only through conducting regular keyword analysis to keep up with trend changes and get the best visibility score on app stores. The overall rating also makes it easy to spotlight competitors to deep-dive into their keyword performance reports later on. The data you will find in the reports is an endless source of improvement ideas. Due to the relatively low cost of ASO tracking and monitoring and its high efficiency, you can implement ASO strategies from the very beginning and rank on the same keywords your top-10 competitors do.

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