Tips on How to Increase App Downloads

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Tips on How to Increase App Downloads
You’ve designed your own application. Great job! The layout is fantastic, and the icon is cool. Your startup works like a charm across every gadget imaginable. The niche you’ve discovered is uninvestigated, which keeps your competition to a minimum. There’s one hefty grain of salt in this plot, however. Your startup gets zero installs. If that sounds familiar to you, today’s your lucky day.

With millions of applications up for grabs across the major mobile distribution channels, users are spoilt for choice in terms of all possible categories: mobile games, fitness, wellbeing, accounting, trading, picture editing, shopping, music etc. As competition is getting more and more fierce, developing and implementing powerful marketing strategies becomes paramount for entrepreneurs.

In this piece, we’ll let you in on how to increase app downloads, elevate your mobile brand to the next level, and eventually skyrocket it to the app store top charts. Stay tuned for more vital details. And don’t forget to engage our top-level platform tools to determine your target consumers, assess your competition, increase your app visibility, and generally position your mobile brand for success.

Pinpointing Your Core Consumers

How are apps marketed? There’s a treasure trove of approaches for success in this sense. One thing is crystal clear: it’s not all about you and your ever-floating revenue in terms of getting the gist of how to market mobile application. Putting your potential consumers first is where your laser-like focus should primarily be. In order to complete this mission, you need to determine by whom and where your product can be utilized, as well as why and how it’s best approached.

In other words, for a successful download increase, you need to nail down your core consumers: how old they are, where they are from, their behavior patterns, tastes, and needs. That’s where precise and effective app stats and analysis come into play. Whether you’re on the prowl for pinpointing the demographics of mobile app users or need to determine your potential target consumers’ whereabouts, the Asolytics tools are sure to aid you in generating your buyer personas and doing competitive analysis. With that said, knowing how to define the target market for mobile apps is key.

How to Get Users to Download Your App

Everybody knows what SEO is. But what about App Store Optimization, shortened to ASO? Basically, the two notions overlap, with the exception that the former is for Goole-oriented website optimization, while the latter is aimed at mobile app promotion.

Below, you will find some vital ASO parameters that aid you in improving your brand reachability and increasing app downloads:

  • excellent user reviews: this parameter is crucial, for it impacts the number of your product installs directly;
  • smart keyword optimization: it will aid you in getting higher positions in the search results and thus, potentially bolster your product installs;
  • refined app store creatives (all the visual elements that appear on your product page i.e., icon, screenshots, and preview video): make sure they are straightforward, as well as powerful and engaging;
  • A/B testing & analysis: eliminate the guesswork from your ASO and do engage in split testing;
  • nonstop ASO: mobile marketing is a changeable notion, which means you should work on it on a regular, ongoing basis. That’s what we call learning how to make your app popular.
Below, you will find some vital ASO parameters that aid you in improving your brand reachability and increasing app downloads:
Make your application icon pop. It’s the first thing everyone will notice when they come across your mobile brand for the first time. So, ensure your icon catches your consumers’ attention and gets easily carved into their memory. Furthermore, your app icon should be a breeze to understand — while providing visual clues to what your audience will deal with once they hit the Download button.
Build a consistent and uniform online presence. Social media promotion is essential in terms of getting to grips with how to get people to download your app. Emphasize your presence across the most frequently used social media services to advertise your app’s freshly launched functionality and tap into new audiences. Focus on interacting with your brand’s aficionados and thus bolstering user engagement.
Implement a multitude of app marketing strategies. From social media to email and SMS marketing, learn from the best and experiment with a multitude of ways of expanding your core audience. Don’t forget about such powerful tools as influencer marketing and content marketing. Educate yourself on the topic continuously and invest lots of time into the endeavor. This approach is sure to pay off hugely.
Employ Asolytics to create data-driven campaigns, enhance your ASO ranking factors and thus, maximize your installs. Invest in excellent analytics tools that will assist you in determining whether your mobile marketing efforts are effective or not. This will help you save your time and money — while focusing on the best traffic channels for you along the way. With our service, learning how to increase app installs is a surefire way to success.
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Mobile App Marketing: Best Practices to Increase Your User Base

Successful mobile promotion strategies are all about how to grow your app user base. This is an all-encompassing task that requires extensive research and preparation. When sorting out your mobile optimization plan, implement the best practices, as well as Android and iOS app marketing tips to complete your ultimate mission.

So, here’s more on how to get users to use your app:

  • begin with comprehensive niche research: it will aid you in choosing the most suitable promotion path for your startup;
  • use both in- and outside-app marketing methods: successful ASO is a lot more than just refined app title and subtitle;
  • build rapport with your consumers: this will encourage them to leave positive reviews about your application;
  • start a speedy site and work up an engaging blog with attractive design to promote your app: the more platforms where users can read about your product the better;
  • delve deep into email marketing and practice it extensively: it will enhance your retention rate and aid you in building a meaningful connection with your consumers;
  • utilize paid ads to reach your potential users fast;
  • create a buzz around your app in the press: partner with a savvy technology magazine writer and you’re all set;
  • track such vital metrics as daily and monthly active users, average session length, retention rate, and the like;
  • make an impressive demo video: people love movie trailers, so why not create a fantastic app trailer of your own;
  • perform app localization: adjust (read as translate) your app to make it easily understandable to a multitude of users across the globe. This will help you build a global user base for your startup. That sounds huge, doesn’t it?
Finally, yet importantly, you need to adjust your marketing program to your niche and target consumers. This will require lots of experimenting and hard work. Therefore, you’re going to need reliable tools for backing your research with precise data and real stats. We hope the fundamentals we’ve covered provide you with some excellent answers to your ‘How to increase user base for app?’ question.

Bottom Line: Hard Work Always Pays Off

Irrespective of how visually stunning and high-performing your app is, people will hardly ever notice these perks if you don’t work hard on promoting it. Convincing users to install your app takes precious time and ‘elbow grease’. In fact, effective mobile marketing is a never-ending process. You won’t see excellent results tomorrow if you start today. But if you put more expertise into it than your competitors, you are sure to maximize your results in the long run.

Getting your application installed by crowds of super excited fans is a challenging task, especially if you’re just getting started. However, if you heed our advice long-term and put the aforedescribed promotion rituals into practice, your chances of succeeding increase tremendously. Never forget to keep your target consumers and their needs first on your way to reaching your goal.

Avoid such common mobile marketing mistakes as poor ASO, performance glitches, and lack of niche-specific keywords. If you do your ASO in a smart way, your chances of landing millions of new app users within a month increase significantly. Hard work always pays off in the context of propelling your startup to stardom. Bookmark this page for more hacks on the topic and good luck Asolyzing!