How to Promote Apps on Social Media

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How to Promote Apps on Social Media
Social networks are an integral part of the daily life of almost any user. Admit, it would be foolish not to use them to advertise your games and apps, right? By talking about your product through them, you enhance visibility, attract new users, and increase the retention rate as you maintain the interest of current customers. Each social network has its own unique features, target audience, and work algorithms. All these factors need to be taken into account to make the marketing strategy effective.

We know everything about how to promote apps on social media as smoothly as possible. In this article, we will share our professional tips and tell you how to show your product in five steps. In this task, not only ready-made advertising companies that offer online platforms can come to your aid, but they also regularly prove their effectiveness. To get closer to your consumer, you can use the services of influencers, bloggers, and creators, as well as actively interact with the users themselves, involving them in the development of your project through reviews and feedback.

How to Promote Apps on Social Media

For the pre-launch social media campaign, product promotion, and monetization, you should have business accounts on each platform that interests you. Once you’ve signed up, it’s time to start advertising. No matter how good your application and competent ASO Strategy are, if no one outside the app stores knows about the product, neither you nor the community will benefit from it. Therefore, this stage should be given a lot of time. The five mobile app marketing ideas described below can make an outstanding contribution to advertising your app. Utilize each separately or combine them for best outcomes.

Use app promotion networks

You probably stumble upon banner ads or embedded videos in free apps and games. They get there thanks to app ad networks. In simple terms, they are platforms where you, the developer, can offer free space in your product to advertise any other service. You make a profit from the sale, and advertisers receive income from the views of their ads.

As statistics show, this method is indeed an effective way of social media marketing for apps. Most of the population (more than 80%) owns various models of smartphones. They definitely have games and applications installed, in which you can advertise your product. Also, given the ever-growing number of mobile apps, you can publish their ads in yours. Thus, you get extensive opportunities to promote the application through other services.
App promotion networks may offer the following advertising options:
  • Banners. It is the simplest format: small pictures or texts that appear in the UI. As a rule, they are refreshed at regular intervals.
  • Videos. Unlike banners, this option implies greater user engagement.
  • Native ads. They organically fit into the interface, so they do not violate the application’s overall design and user interaction. Because of this, it is possible to miss them.
  • Interstitial ads occupy the entire smartphone screen, forcing users to wait a certain amount of time before the page can be closed. There is always a risk of going overboard with this format and simply annoying clients.
  • Rewarded videos. It is a subtype of the previous version. You get additional minutes, lives, bonuses, or credits for viewing such advertisements.
There are now lots of various app ad networks that can boost your mobile app content strategy. Among the most common are AdMob, InMobi, Unity, Smaato, MobFox, and Moburst. Even Instagram and Facebook offer similar functionality.

Try influencer marketing

How do apps get popular? Most social media users (around 90%) trust other people’s recommendations, even if they don’t know them. The degree of trust in this kind of content is higher than in branded advertising. Information on blogs, vlogs, and influencers’ accounts is considered more reliable because it creates the effect that a person advises something based on their own experience.
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There are many various creators on online platforms now who can present your product to their fan base in the most beneficial way. You have a huge selection of influencers, so you can choose those whose target audience is the most similar to yours. Thus, you can show your application to those already interested in a similar product. They do not need to be collected all over the Internet or prepared for your advertising campaign.

TikTok is a prime example of how effectively a brand can be promoted through influencer marketing. You get no less efficiency by collaborating with users and promoting an app on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, and Snapchat. Bloggers have huge fan bases that watch their videos literally every day. Even one mention of a product can increase the number of clicks and downloads.

Create a content strategy for your social accounts

As we already wrote, each social network has its own features you need to be aware of to create an effective campaign. You should learn the benefits of each platform to use all of them to your advantage.


The peculiarity of this service is that only brief messages can be published on it (for now). Reposts are at the heart of users’ interactions. In this way, you can share the news with your subscribers, conduct surveys, and ask for their thoughts to increase their engagement. It is a great online app marketing option to work with clients and get reviews and feedback from them.


Through Facebook, you can launch full-scale mobile app engagement campaigns. Here you can post referral links, run contests, join existing groups, reply to comments, and promote your product through articles. This platform’s members are more willing to read long texts (entertainment and informational) than on other services.


It is the place where beautiful pictures and aesthetics play a key role. To promote an app on Instagram, you can use early screenshots or sneak peeks, relevant hashtags, video tutorials or picture walkthroughs, giveaways, and more. Your posts should have a consistent style, concept, and color scheme to attract consumers.

Ask for reviews and ratings

ASO Reviews and Ratings, which are available in app stores, have a significant impact on the decision of visitors to download products. Try to gently ask people who have already installed your application to leave a review or feedback and rate it. This way, you can learn about the strengths of your project, as well as the shortcomings that you need to focus on fixing in the future. Remember to read and respond to incoming feedback regularly. If visitors see that developers are open to dialogue and criticism, it increases their loyalty.

However, not all users study application pages in stores in detail. Here is how to promote your app on social media using ratings and reviews. Choose a few of your most striking messages and post them as a quote on social media. It will show other visitors the ratings of real users who have already tried your product. If an independent resource has overviewed your app, be sure to share it across all your accounts. A high rating and excellent reviews are indicators that a product is worth the investment.

Interact with users to create an active user base

The best way to engage users in your social media strategy for mobile apps is to interact directly with them. Run contests, polls, giveaways, and other interactive events that anyone can participate in. For instance, if you have a drawing tutorial app, ask your subscribers or members to share their progress with you. The most inspiring cases you can repost on your page. When users create the content themselves (UGC), it increases the credibility of your product since everyone sees the real benefit from using it.

Involving visitors to your pages on social networks in such events creates an active user base. These people will not only be able to recommend your application to friends, family members, and subscribers but will also make your business better. From them, you can get honest feedback that will point out the strengths and weaknesses of your project. It will improve your mobile apps market statistics and bring the product to the top of the best titles. After all, it is what all your marketing and promotion activities in app stores and social networks are aimed at.
What we mean here is that if you’re aiming for maximum efficiency and accuracy, you should concentrate on one element per one split testing campaign only. Don’t be tempted to change your other creatives or metadata items, too, for this is a counterproductive approach.
Social Media Visibility Is the Key to Your App Success
Social networks are great assistants in advertising your unique application. Through them, you can introduce your project to the world, attract more clients, and improve brand awareness and user loyalty. All these services are unique, and to achieve the maximum for your company, you need to use not one account but several at once. This is how you create a solid cross-platform community that helps you evolve.
Let’s summarize the methods above to help you get the most out of social networks:
  • buy and sell ad space on app ad networks;
  • arrange collaborations with influencers that have fan bases that suit you;
  • develop a unique strategy for each social network;
  • always ask customers to leave a review and rate your product;
  • offer users a variety of interactive activities to make them more involved.
To bring the application to the top, you need to use all available means. Promotion in social networks combined with a brilliant ASO strategy can boost your visibility and bring discoverability to a whole new level.