ASO Checklist: What to Do to Increase Your App Visibility

We created a simple ASO checklist for App Store and Google Store. Follow these few steps to boost your app visibility.
ASO Checklist: What to Do to Increase Your App Visibility
ASO is not only about app optimization, it’s also about business strategies and app KPIs. It’s easy to get confused by all of the things you need to do to manage an app. We offer the simplest ASO scheme based on app marketing tips to help you organize your thoughts. Look at these three app management steps:
You need an ASO strategy to follow.
You need to optimize the app for an app store (this is what our checklist is for).
You need to understand your app KPIs and be ready to revise your strategy (ASO audit).
In this article, we will focus on the second step, the one about optimizing your app for an app store. Thus, we’ll share a brief and comprehensive checklist for app store optimization from the mobile app marketing best practices.

After getting acquainted with the checklist, you can move further in our Asolytic ASO Academy. We have prepared detailed guides on how to provide app optimization for every checklist step.

It’s Not Just Optimization: ASO Strategy and App KPIs

App optimization is just one of the things you’ll have to deal with. Before we share the checklist with you, we want to be sure that you understand the importance of ASO strategy and app KPIs analysis.

Implementing an ASO strategy means that you gather and analyze data about the category your app fits, data about your competitors, establish deadlines, etc. Strategy is not only about text and visuals optimization, but also a business plan for your app. You choose how to manage app promotion according to the result you want to achieve and your possibilities. Building an ASO strategy is the first step before launching an app. It combines a research stage plus planning, which is common for any project and pretty much any business.
And what are the indicators of your ASO strategy working?
  • The app is being installed due to its popularity.
  • You gain as much income as you had planned.
Still, app success can be measured by its KPIs in the app store. To understand if the app is visible enough, you need to estimate its popularity indicators. We described them in the Academy’s guide. Monitoring app KPIs helps you to correct your strategy.

If you are managing an app, your number one goal is to make it more visible. Your business area is not a physical market, it’s an online store: App Store or Google Play. These two platforms have differences, rules, and limitations. That’s why following their rules is the best way to increase your app visibility. And the more precise you are, the bigger audience you get. At our Academy, we prepared guides both for App Store and Google Play. You can immediately start by learning the difference between Google Play and App Store app ranking.

Nobody knows all the algorithm features of App Store and Google Store. Still, app developers have enough official information or insights from their experience to manage app promotion in the app stores. This is what ASO specialists do.
Do you need ASO specialists to manage your app in 2022?
ASO has been developing fast for the last few years. Now you can delegate your app management to services or make it by yourself with the ASO tools that some platforms provide. Both options are good.
You should know that the app can be managed by a small team or only by yourself using tools for that. There is no critical need to delegate this
Asolytics Team
Just remember that every step should be considered:
  • ASO strategy
  • App optimization
  • App KPIs audit
Now you are ready to learn what things make up an app optimization. Follow these checklist points to see what work you should do to boost your app.
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App Optimization Checklist:

Optimize texts for your app

1.1. Look for the keywords for your app.
1.2. Use these keywords for the title, subtitle, short and long descriptions.

Why? It can increase your app visibility due to the metadata indexation which Google Play and App Store use. This is similar to SEO actions, though we deal with the app stores but not with the browser search engine.

Note: Google Play doesn’t have a subtitle block while App Store does. Moreover, App Store has a separate field for the keywords. Thus, here is the first thing to consider when making ASO: Google Play and App Store differ. Read these guides to learn how to find keywords and use them for apps in Google Play or App Store.
Optimize visuals for your app

2.1. Create appealing icons, screenshots, and video previews.
2.2. Test them to know if they work.

Why? First, app stores have requirements for the visual elements, so you better follow them. Second, effective visuals attract users and make them install the app.

Note: This is where Google Play and App Store have a little bit different requirements too. To learn how to work with visuals, read guides for the Google Store and App Store. Also, we recommend you implement a simple A/B test for the app’s visuals. Here is how to conduct it.
Use different localizations for your app

Do you know that you can localize your app in more than one country? In turn, it means that you can use more specific keywords in different languages. Different localizations can broaden your audience, and, thus, more people all over the world will see your app.

To find out how to localize an app in the app store, read the guide for Google Play or App Store.
Analyze your app KPIs

We have already mentioned that analyzing app KPIs is one of the ASO tasks besides app optimization and ASO strategy. There are several indexes that can tell how well is your app adapted for the app store, including texts, visuals, conversion rate, etc.

If you want to learn what app KPIs matter and what they say about your app store optimization, read this guide.
Manage reviews and ratings of your app

Read this guide to start managing app store ratings and reviews properly. To see what apps make top in your category, go to app ranking stats.

5 Steps to Get What You Want From Your App

Launching an app is a startup that needs your regular attention. It would be a pity if your app idea is great and might be selling, but you are not prepared technically to manage this app. That’s why we created an Academy with up-to-dare mobile app optimization techniques to help you learn how to do it. And if you are working out an app idea, then the article about how to sell an app idea may be useful for you.