What Is App Retention Rate & Why Is It Important?

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What Is App Retention Rate & Why Is It Important?
After designing a top-notch app and identifying your core consumers’ needs, you can concentrate on the next step of your success strategy i.e., retaining your loyal buying audience and then generating even more leads. Customer retention is more than meets the eye though, and it’s not just about client support. In brief, it's about giving your clients value for trusting you with their money.

Customer retention is your ability to foster interactions, build trust, and cultivate mutual growth with your audience long-term. This parameter can be measured with something called ‘retention rate’. App retention rate plays a vital role in your brand’s success. When approached smartly, this metric can contribute to amplifying your profit. The crucial thing here is to evaluate why you’re bleeding consumers and then adjust your approach to make them stay (and pay) as long (and as much) as possible.

In this piece, we’ll define app retention rate, cover the importance of this parameter, let you in on how to sort out the necessary calculations, and touch upon the most potent ways of elevating this metric to the next level for your brand. Furthermore, we’ll dwell upon how the best companies work on retaining their clients. Stay tuned.

What Is Retention Rate for Mobile Apps?

Let’s delve deeper into user retention definition. In mobile marketing and product management, ‘app retention rate’ stands for the number of people who keep on purchasing your mobile brand services within a set timeframe (typically a month) after the installation. For mobile brands that strive to grow and scale, customer retention is a crucial metric. Because a brand can’t scale if it’s losing clients. As a matter of fact, investment-wise, retaining existing consumers is more beneficial than generating new leads.
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Retention suggests an already converted client, which differentiates the notion from mere client acquisition. The most powerful client-capturing strategies aid you in building long-term rapport with your core audience and forming loyalty to your mobile brand. In the long run, your loyal consumers may even transform into brand ambassadors. Ready to learn more about app retention rate formula? Keep reading for more details on the importance of retention metrics for apps.

How to Calculate App Retention Rate?

Business owners can calculate this vital metric by implementing an array of methods. The method you’ll opt for will be determined by the time span you’re concentrating on. To get the necessary calculations going, pinpoint the number of loyal clients you’ve found within a set timeline. Subtract that figure from the total amount of clients generated throughout that term. Then divide it by the number of clients that used your app at an early stage of that timespan. Nail down the needed number and later enjoy comparing your mobile app retention rate statistics.

In simple terms, that’s pretty much everything you need to know about app retention rate formula. It’s not too hard, but it’s very potent, just like your mobile app rankings. With the right tools, getting to grips with sorting it out will be a cakewalk. Learning how to measure retention is vital, for it will aid you in building meaningful relationships with your existing clients and securing their regular comebacks and further purchases. Read on for some major mobile app retention benchmarks and specificities.

Why App Retention Is Paramount

This essential metric assists you in evaluating your application’s performance per consumer. In general, a higher retention rate should be your highest priority because your loyal, long-term customers create positive dynamics and monetization opportunities within your product.

This vital parameter is also helpful for figuring out why a certain percentage of your consumers ditch your application, as well as getting the bigger picture of your application’s worldwide performance. Eventually, this information enables you to comprehend the stuff you need to tweak to make your core consumers stay with your brand longer.

Ultimately, the app retention rate gives you an insight into the lifespan of your product. Don’t forget that this parameter alters depending on the niche your product caters to. For instance, users may install a video collage app only when they need it, then take advantage of it, and uninstall it once their collage is ready. This scenario shouldn’t worry you because this pattern is typical for certain industries.

Here’s a brief outline of other perks of a high app retention rate for your business:
  • loyal clients will bring their friends;
  • happy customers leave positive reviews;
  • more returning customers means more money;
  • more money equals stable company growth.

8 Tips on Improving Your App Retention Rate

So, what is a good retention rate? For most fields, the perfect 8-week-covering number is 20% or lower. For finance- and trading-oriented apps, 25% is okay. For online marketing brands, the average mobile app retention rate of 35% is perfect.
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Are you striving to get the gist of how to increase app retention in your case? Below, you’ll find some useful recommendations on the topic.
Adapt your product functionality to suit your core consumers. A uniform approach is no longer sufficient. There’s a slew of methods to grab your audience’s attention and maintain it long-term. Start with segmenting users if you want to succeed in this aspect.
Determine annoying issues or glitches. Improve the situation and offer your consumers smoother functionality in comparison with your competition. For instance, if your mobile game has graphics bugs, eliminate them and work up more exciting gameplay than your competition.
Make use of split testing. This is an excellent technique of pinpointing your consumers’ preferences in terms of both your app design and functionality. As a result, your power to retain customers gets a significant boost.
Practice attention to every detail. Is your app confusing from the very start? Then chances are its users will ditch it right after the installation. Enhance your product’s usability, streamline its navigation, polish the layout, and perfect its content.
Practice re-engagement: utilize alternative channels to draw your consumers’ attention to your app. This can be achieved via email, social media accounts, and paid ads.
Seek customer feedback via user interviews, surveys, usability testing. That way, you will know exactly what to do to enhance your application functionality and thus boost customer satisfaction.
Share excellent content with your consumers. Many people make purchases from businesses that are willing to enlighten their clients. So, if you generate high-quality educational content on a regular basis, chances are you’ll retain your loyal users long-term. As a matter of fact, you can easily notice that some of the best mobile brands out there utilize this particular recommendation for making their clients come back for more of the perks they offer.
Show your audience how much you appreciate them. Reward them generously for their continuous devotion. Offer temporary discounts or prizes to people who’ve been staying with your brand long-term.
To cut a long story short, there are some potentially very effective mobile app retention strategies to make use of. Approach this issue wisely if you’re on a mission to put your consumers first, improve your app KPI, gradually readjust your marketing strategy, and ultimately skyrocket your business aspirations to stardom.

To Sum Up: Work on Your App Nonstop

You can’t increase the number of your loyal consumers overnight. But if you are ready to work on it daily, constantly educate yourself on the topic, learn from the best, experiment a lot, as well as implement the aforementioned strategies in the smartest way possible, then you are bound to succeed.

To gently stimulate your audience to stick with your brand longer, you should know their needs inside out. Determine what they want and need, as well as where their pain points lie. Figure out how to exceed their expectations and sweep them off their feed. Build trust. Establish trust-based contact. Ask for feedback and reviews. Convince them that you appreciate their loyalty greatly.

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