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MacroFactor - Macro Tracker
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Reach your diet goals with the smartest macro tracker and nutrition coach
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MacroFactor combines innovative coaching algorithms with proven nutrition and behavioral science to help you reach your diet goals and achieve empowering, sustainable results. MacroFactor uses a dynamic algorithm to adapt to changes in your metabolism and personalize your macro plan to keep you on track. Download to start your 7-day trial of this premium, ad-free macro tracker app. DIET SMARTER Using a best-in-class expenditure estimate, MacroFactor’s nutrition coach algorithm adapts to changes in your metabolism so you never plateau. • The unique energy expenditure calculation detects changes in your metabolism • Smart algorithms personalize your calorie and macro intake targets, just like a nutrition coach would • Weekly check-ins keep you on track toward your goals The result? You better understand your body’s needs and can successfully reach and sustain your goals without stress. THE BEST MACRO TRACKER TOOLS • The fastest macro tracker on the market with tools like barcode scan and custom foods • Verified food database, so you can trust the accuracy of the foods you log • Custom macro programs and weekly check-ins based on your goals and preferences • Detailed breakdowns of micronutrients, macros, and more • Period tracker, habit tracker, unique data insights and visualization, integrations, dark mode, and more AN EMPOWERING, SUSTAINABLE APPROACH MacroFactor’s robust nutrition coach algorithm will make appropriate adjustments to your calorie and macro targets based on what you log, regardless of how close you came to hitting your targets from the previous week. The algorithms don’t function any worse if you deviate from your macro targets. This means that unlike other nutrition coach apps, you don’t have to eat like a robot or perfectly adhere to your macro targets in order to get your weekly coaching check-in and an appropriate calorie adjustment. You’ll never see warnings, red numbers, or shaming when you go over your calorie or macro targets, unlike in other macro tracker apps. Instead, MacroFactor’s macro tracker and nutrition coach aim to empower you with the guidance and tools you need to reach your goals without stress or rigidity. A CLOSER LOOK AT FEATURES & BENEFITS Nutrition coach • Get a science-backed macro plan designed for your goals and preferences • Set a goal to lose, maintain, or gain weight • Smart nutrition coach AI makes weekly changes to your macro plan to keep you on track Macro tracker • Large verified food database, so you can trust that calorie and macro information is accurate • Barcode scanner • Food tracker for both macros and micronutrients • Features like copy/paste, custom foods, and smart history make food tracking quick and easy • Timeline-style food log doesn’t lock you in to a certain number of meals • Metric and imperial options • Custom foods and recipes Health insights tracker • Best-in-class expenditure estimate • Unique Weight Trend insight that cuts through the noise of daily fluctuations • Habit tracker • Period tracker SUBSCRIPTION PRICING & TERMS MacroFactor is a premium app that offers three auto-renewing subscription options: $11.99 / month $47.99 / half year $71.99 / year (equal to $5.99 a month) MacroFactor has a free trial, but does not offer a free subscription tier. These prices are for US customers. Pricing in other countries may vary. Payment will be charged to your Google Play account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription to MacroFactor will automatically renew, unless you disable auto-renew at least 24 hours before the current period ends. You can turn off auto-renew or manage your subscription from your Google Play account settings. Terms & Conditions: Privacy Policy:}
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chris trummer
07 Oct, 2021
This is a great app, already great & keeps improving. I Used to use avatar Nutrition (which is also a very good app). But it can't "factor" in the fact , that MF keeps evolving with the latest science & knowledge as Greg & Eric are on top of the latest Nutritional science. So it will use the most up-to-date science based calculations. The developers/coders are very active on FBgroup and Reddit (so are Eric and Greg btw) and they listen to all input and if needed try to implant it in the app.
Margarita Mikhailova
07 Oct, 2021
This is the greatest food tracking app. Out of all of the apps I have tried this is the most convenient and user friendly. The food database is the most accurate out of all I have encountered. This app allows me to track literally everything I need!! Calories, protein, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, every vitamin and every mineral!! I am now very well aware of my daily intake of all of the micronutrients and this allows me to monitor my health.
Aina Nazli
06 Oct, 2021
I've been really enjoying the app, so much so that I've decided to leave a feedback. The people behind the app are just amazing. They are very open to feedback and ideas. The app itself makes it less stressful to track your food as it still collate the data if you don't meet your calories and macro goals. I also love that it provides an estimated date for me to reach my goal based on my current progress. It makes it easier to "trust the process".
John Humphrey
06 Oct, 2021
Like RP Diet or MyFitnessPal had a baby and improved on both of them!
Rachel Cao
06 Oct, 2021
By far the most intuitive and well designed tracking app I've ever used. It makes tracking delightful and almost mindless at times, which makes adherence a breeze.
06 Oct, 2021
Best tracking app I've used. I've only ever used MFP and Carbon and this blows both of those away. I feel that you can trust the calorie/macro numbers of foods you find in their database unlike MFP. I LOVE that it tracks and adjusts your progress even when you go off plan, which was the biggest factor in making Carbon unusable for me. I don't follow my plan perfectly and Carbon wouldn't make adjustments if I didn't. I also love the weight trend chart on MF. Overall, great tracking app, happy to pay for it.
Kylie Pethybridge
06 Oct, 2021
By far the most intelligent food tracking app I've used. If you use "coached" mode, the program adapts to your weight changes as a result of your nutrition patterns and suggests intake level to stay on-track with your goals. But it doesn't have a hissy fit if you're not compliant 🤣 The developers also have top-notch customer support and information through emails and a Facebook community, and seem invested in making further user improvements.
06 Oct, 2021
Top notch app. Very, very easy to use and highly adaptive. Cannot recommend this one enough.
Ben Rasmussen
06 Oct, 2021
Been using daily since the app launched. It has been fantastic. -Intuitive and easy to use. -The barcode scanning has worked great. -The team behind macrofactor has put a LOT of thought into the design. Both in terms of giving accurate recommendations to meet your goals, and in designing a user experience that nudges you toward good choices. -They have ridiculously good customer support. Those last two points alone set it above any other nutrition tracking app I've tried.


Additional Information
Voted: 65.32K
Google Play Link:
Privacy Policy:
Categories: Health & Fitness
Size: -
iAP: 10.99 - 79.99 $
Installs: 136.12K
App Age: 1 year 5 months
Release Date: Sep 14, 2021
Last Update: Jan 17, 2023
Version: 1.6.9
Version history
Jan 17, 2023
* Introduced a new Notes feature for the food log timeline <br>* Added offline support for the new food log timeline<br>* Added ability to copy foods from anywhere in the log to right Now with one tap<br>* Increased touch area for hour-level shortcuts such as move and paste foods<br>* Improved consistency of spacing for collapsed foods and hidden timeline hours<br>* Minor bug fixes
Jan 02, 2023
The food log has been completely revamped and enriched with new features:<br>* More dynamic timeline with hourly macro summaries you can toggle on or off<br>* Endless customizations to match your personal macro tracking style<br>* Sweeping workflow enhancements for actions like copying and moving foods<br>* Ability to configure the information shown on the timeline food tiles<br>* More powerful food detail view for faster editing after meal planning
Version history